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Based in Amsterdam, D2X is the EU-regulated derivatives exchange for digital asset options and futures.

About D2X

Institutional demand for digital assets is on the rise, yet adoption has remained limited. This new asset class still presents many hurdles, such as lack of liquidity, operational risks and absence of institutional-grade market infrastructure in Europe.

After experiencing these issues first-hand in late 2020, two derivatives traders and a capital markets lawyer started building D2X in Amsterdam. The idea was simple : providing financial institutions with a capital-efficient and clean exposure to the asset class while mitigating operational and regulatory risks. Through its cash-settled derivatives denominated in EUR, D2X is a plug-and-play solution improving the existing financial infrastructure.

In addition to its regulatory-first approach, D2X offers a superior trading interface and a robust risk management framework.


As a FinTech company, our objective is to bridge the gap between digital assets and traditional finance for institutions.

We are focused on providing the safest regulated infrastructure to accelerate the development of the asset class.


Our ambition is to become the leading market infrastructure for digital assets, first in Europe and then across more geographies and asset classes.

Thanks to the emergence of new ecosystems and technologies like Blockchain, the possibilities are endless.


D2X is committed to be:

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